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Ok. It's clear that I'm doing a lot of guessing, so question: Can you
specify exactly what does *not* get tagged in xml-export? What exactly
do we need to worry about? Then we can go from there...

everything that has some structure or meaning gets tagged

font/colors have no meaning they're appearance so they don't get tagged

Ok, but here: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Export it says,

Also note that switches like \em don’t translate into output structure, you need to \definehighlight[emph][style=italic] and use as \emph{emphasized}.

Now \em does have structural meaning (emphasis) so either the wiki is wrong or we have some inconsistency here -)

highlights are for the few things left ... but often one can also use \startelement for that

Do you have any good examples for using \start-stopelement? Thanks and

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