> Am 09.02.2015 um 14:34 schrieb Keith Schultz <keithjschu...@icloud.com>:
> Hi Hans, Idris, All,
> fonts and color are as such appearance.
> But, when one uses different fonts and colors or mix
> then then we add meaning or as you tend to call
> it structure. 
> If their use does not add to the structure, then only one font style
> and color is needed.
> So actually, in the end they should be tagged, too!
> Wolfgang has mentioned that we have definestyle is that 
> tagged or not!


> Furthermore, it is possible in ConTeXt to setup for example
> the style italic, etc to what ever one cares to! for example one could
> make and italic style be mono or bold! (naturally, it is
> nonsense to do this).

\definefontfamily[mixed][rm][Latin Modern 


Upright, {\it Italic,} {\bf Bold,} {\bi BoldItalic}

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