Wolfgang Schuster írta:
>> Am 09.04.2015 um 00:13 schrieb Csikos Bela:
>> Hello:
>> I have to setup caption formatting for Hungarian.
>> In Hungarian I have to write "#. figure." instead of "Figure #:"
>> The exact word for "figure" is "ábra", so what I want exactly is:
>> "# ábra.", eg "1. ábra".
>> How can I do it? (If I set the document language to Hungarian, the
>> word "ábra" is shown correctly but the order is not correct; I get ,. 
>> ábra:#.)
>Until the labels for hungarian are fixed you can use the \setuplabeltext 
>to set the right labels.
>> Another question: for caption text I want it to be justified and the last 
>> line of the caption
>> centered. How can I do that?
>\setuplabeltext[hu][figure={, ábra}]
>       \externalfigure[dummy]

Wolfgang, Otared:

Thank you both for your suggestions. Unfortunately the caption modification 
works only partially. I could not make both the caption labels and the 
references look correct.

When I use Wolfgang's example, I get the following: attachment file 

I also tried different settings for caption label, here is the code:



\setupcaption[figure][numberstopper={. ábra.}]


\verbatim{\setupcaption[figure][numberstopper={. ábra.}]} \par


Reference to figure 1 (\in{figure}[figure-1])

\placefigure[][figure-1]{This is the caption}{\framed{Some figure}}


\setupcaption[figure][suffix={. ábra},numberstopper={.}]


\verbatim{\setupcaption[figure][suffix={. ábra},numberstopper={.}]} \par


Reference to figure 2 (\in{figure}[figure-2])

\placefigure[][figure-2]{This is the caption}{\framed{Another figure}}


The caption should be: ``1. ábra. This is the caption''

The reference should be: ``(1. ábra)'' -- NO period after ``ábra'', without the 
word ``figure''.



I attach the generated pdf output: caption-example.pdf

Unfortunately none of the above code variants gives the correct result.
Despite of the bad "wording" I don't understand why numberstopper (.)
doesn't appear after suffix (. ábra) in figure 2.

Any way to fix these?

The alignment=last option works. (This option is not mentioned among the 
options at the contextgarden wiki site, 



Attachment: caption-example-2.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: caption-example.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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