On Fri, 15 May 2015, Hans Hagen wrote:

On 5/15/2015 9:57 PM, Kate F wrote:

I'm looking for something like \definehighlight which I can use to
markup various things in inline body text. I want different
environments to be able to have their own setups to configure how
these appear, just as \setuphighlight would provide.

However there's one situation which I can't think how to handle; I'd
like to have a setup append and prepend some text, just like before=
and after= for various other setups. If \setuphighlight had before=
and after=, this would suit me perfectly. But it doesn't.

Is there something similar to \setuphighlight which has before= and after=?
Or any other ideas?

we have before/after in \definestartstop so let's add left/right there for the inline variant

If you are chaging \definestartstop, can we change the commands key to setups key? It was never clear to me how the command key is supposed to work.


\startstopparameter\c!commands % better: setups so that will show op soon
     {\def\currentstartstop{#1}% safeguard, nto really needed




test \foo{test \bar{x} test} test


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