Dear Wolfgang,

> You have to use \starthanging instead of \placefgure when you’re in a frame.
> \starttext
> \startframedtext[width=max]
>     \starthanging[location=right]
>         {\startMPcode
>          draw unitsquare scaled 2cm ;
>          \stopMPcode}
>     \input tufte
>     \stophanging
> \stopframedtext
> \stoptext
> Wolfgang

Thank you for letting me know the command “starthanging”.
I tried the command  “\startfiguretext … \stopfiguretext”, and found that there 
is no text below the square.

 draw unitsquare scaled 2cm ;
\input knuth

Your example worked fine, but if we replace tufte by knuth, then text is 
written over the square while the tufte’s text was witten surround the square.
Is it expected result?

Thank you again.

Best regards,

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