On 8/16/2015 6:33 AM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
Hi Hans,

in May Harald König asked about setting the TrimBox value in PDFs and provided 
even a patch for lpdf-mis.lua; you promised to look into that, see 

If there’s only one paper size (from \setuppapersize), TrimBox is the same as 

If there’s a second paper size (like from \setuppapersize[A4][B4]), TrimBox is 
the first.

At least if there’s "marking=on|color|..." in \setuplayout, please also set 
BleedBox, even if we can’t influence the bleed value.

Would be nice if there would be an option to let CropBox be the same as TrimBox 
or BleedBox.

We don’t need ArtBox (in PDF/X it must not differ from TrimBox, if defined).

Could you please implement this? Should be really easy…
I’m tired of fixing the boxes in Acrobat every time.
Thank you very much!

The next beta will have this extra 'feature':








The auto option only works with layout=middle (message otherwise) as I'm not going to add all kind of extra calculation code to an already bit overloaded mechanism deep down. The offset are accumulative (so crop < trim < bleed < art). In Haralds case cropoffset=auto should be enough. The default crop and trimbox handling is unchanged (as it would complicate my own workflows and also breaks compatibility) so one really needs to set this when it's needed. The already present interactionscreen cropping is unchanged.


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