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> On 8/16/2015 6:33 AM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
>> Could you please implement this? Should be really easy…
>> I’m tired of fixing the boxes in Acrobat every time.
>> Thank you very much!
> The next beta will have this extra 'feature':
> \showframe
> \setuplayout
>  [location=middle,
>   width=middle,
>   height=middle,
>   cropoffset=auto,
>   trimoffset=1bp,
>   bleedoffset=2bp,
>   artoffset=2bp]
> \starttext
> \definepapersize[TestA][width=100bp,height=200bp]
> \definepapersize[TestB][width=150bp,height=250bp]
> \setuppapersize[TestA][TestB]
> test
> \stoptext
> The auto option only works with layout=middle (message otherwise) as I'm not 
> going to add all kind of extra calculation code to an already bit overloaded 
> mechanism deep down. The offset are accumulative (so crop < trim < bleed < 
> art). In Haralds case cropoffset=auto should be enough. The default crop and 
> trimbox handling is unchanged (as it would complicate my own workflows and 
> also breaks compatibility) so one really needs to set this when it's needed. 
> The already present interactionscreen cropping is unchanged.

Hi Hans, thank you very much for looking into that!
I wikified the box information plus your example at

Unfortunately, the order (crop < trim < bleed < art) is not so good, it should 
be (art < crop < trim < bleed) - as I wrote, in PDF/X, ArtBox must be the same 
as TrimBox, if defined at all. Would you please fix this?

(I don’t know any use of ArtBox - it was meant for imposition, but software 
will probably look for page contents itself, since ArtBox is mostly undefined.)

Greetlings, Hraban
--- (I'm an assurer)

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