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This is a very useful command.  It knows just what to do, and you don't even 
have to specify any options!

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the text "This is a very useful command" begins on the same line as the 
"mycommand" header.  I want the text to begin on the next line, so that 
"mycommand" is on a line of its own.  How should I adjust the 
\definedescription command to achieve this?  I've tried all kinds of things 
with the 'before', 'inbetween', 'after', 'indentnext', 'command', and 
'headcommand' options of the \definedescription command (based on 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command/setupdescriptions), using \par, \crlf, 
and \vspace, but didn't get the desired results.

Louis Strous

IntelliMagic - Availability Intelligence
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