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I experienced even more issues with specifying 'number=no' in \setuphead (for any level). This seems not only to affect the numbering of figures and tables, but also the numbering of enumerations (it ignores the options 'way=bychapter, prefix=chapter') and the section numbering ('1.0', '2.0', etc) in \setupheadertexts [\somenamedheadnumber{section}{current}][...etc].

Sytse Knypstra

On 15-12-15 09:45, Jan Willem Flamma <> wrote:
I ran into the following issue related to figure/float numbering.
I use numbered chapters, sections, subsections and unnumbered subsubsections. See minimal example below. Figure numbering works as expected in the numbered chapters, sections and subsections.
Figures get numbered: Figure 1.1
The figure numbering is unexpected in the unnumbered sub subsection:
Figures get numbered: Figure 2 (in stead of the expected Figure 1.2)
I would like all figures (and floats) to be numbered in sequence according the chapter numbering:
Chapter 1: Figure 1.1, Figure 1.2, Table 1.3, Figure 1.4, etc
Chapter 2: Figure 2.1, Figure 2.2 etc
I've tried several \setupcaptions options but was unable to solve so far.
Everything works as expected when using a numbered subsubsection so the problem is somehow related to the number=no option
Minimal example:
\setuphead[chapter, section, subsection]
... etc

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