Hello Wolfgang or Hans?


Can one of you help me please. Iwant something like this: 







Here is an example: by saying

\type{\tooltip[left]{Example}{Is it nice}}, we get


\midaligned{\tooltip[bottom]{Example}{Isn't it nice?}}



This file when opened in Adobe Acrobat will show the tooltip "Isn't it
nice?" when one hovers over the word "Example".



\midaligned{\tooltip[bottom]{an example}{Isn't it nice?}  of tooltip on the


\midaligned{an example of tooltip on the \tooltip[right]{right}{Isn't it


\midaligned{\tooltip[left]{an}{Isn't it nice?}  example of tooltip on the




But i would need it for footnotes in pdf. Is this possible, or do I have to
define somehting?





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