On 1/18/2016 8:26 PM, Ursula Hermann wrote:
Hello Hans and Dr. Dominik Klein!

Today I found a Thread about Accessibility from last Juli!

I work at the University in Vienna,  and I work with students, who are
blind or have a see handicap. So I read this Thread today.

Last year in Summer I began to read the manual of Context.

I have a question to this discussion, it is nessesary to know: How can
footnotes be shown in the PDF/A tagged PDF, in a text?

What I mean something, that shows in the Text the text from the footnote,
when I click on the number from the footnote.

Maybe with a tooltip? Or what is the right way? Which command?

tooltips are widgets and not part of the document text stream .. so i think they don't count as accessibility feature (but i might be wrong)

maybe someone else on the list knows

i wonder, as you use tex you can consider generating an additional document (larger fontsize, better readable fonts, inline notes, maybe other enhancements), pop ups etc

it'a anyway interesting to discuss how to make documents accessible (tagged pdf is one options but not beforehand the nicest approach)


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