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> One hacky way to fix it is the following:
> \setupheadertexts        [{\getmarking[chapter]}]    
[{\lefttoright\pagenumber}]        [{\lefttoright\pagenumber}]        
> Ideally \setupdirections[bidi] or something like that should be used, as I 
mentioned in the other thread; that'll fix a bunch of other problems, as 

I did enable \setupdirections[bidi=global] and it did not help.

Here is how it was solved. I could not use your solution as it would move 
the position of the page number of the even page on top of the chapter name.

So here is the solution derived from your answer, which works for my 


        [{\righttoleft\getmarking[chapter]}]    [{\pagenumber}]
        [{\pagenumber}]        [{\righttoleft\getmarking[chapter]}]

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