dr. Hans van der Meer <mailto:havdm...@ziggo.nl>
9. Februar 2016 um 11:29
The following problem in the numbering of equations, figures, tables has arisen.

For the subdivison of the document is wanted the numbering scheme
chapter             (numbered)
  section           (numbered)
    subsection      (numbered}
      subsubsection (not numbered)
Doing this with \setuphead[subsubsection][number=no], because I find 3 levels of numbering enough.

However, the number=no on the last \setuphead has as sideeffect that the chapternumber is missing on equations, figures, tables. Thus for example instead of "table 1.4" I am seeing "Table 4".

How can I keep the numbering at 3 levels instead of 4 in still have tables inside subsubsections numbered as "Table 1.4"?

Use "incrementnumber=no" (unnumbered) or "incrementnumber=list" (unnumbered plus list entry).

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