Hi all,

I am completely lost in the letter module.

I started with the tutorial "Correspondence with ConTEXt Version:
2010.08.27" but reference line does not show up at all.

So I read a little further:
And the PDFs that are linked under "Further information"

But I fear that I am now completely lost as some commands seems to be
old or deprecated or whatever, but they simply does not work. And there
are references to new commands in the text.

What I am trying to get is a letter with first and second page style,
where on the first page I need a special foot with accounting infos etc.

Including a background file (uncommented in the mwe) works fine.

I need a references line for customer id, invoice id and date just above
the subject.

I don't understand the setupletterlayer command as you can see in the
mwe where I use a negative value for x to push it to the right position.
I have no idea how x and y are working and what position is for.

The same is true for \setupletterframe.

I am using: Version beta-0.89.0 (TeX Live 2016/dev

Here is my mwe:


                    {Kundennummer: \correspondenceparameter{kd} \|
Rechnungnummer: \correspondenceparameter{id}}

                 [ alternative=rechnung,


  [toname={Mustermann GmbH\\Peter Mustermann},
  toaddress={Haubenweg 3\\12345 Musterstadt},
  signature={Jan Ulrich Hasecke},

  [opening={Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren},
    closing={Mit freundlichen Grüßen},
  subject={Imagebroschüre Mustermann GmbH}]

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