On 2/9/2016 1:28 PM, Jaroslav Hajtmar wrote:
Hello ConTeXist.

In the latest version ConTeXt it stopped working my macros which
contents function  he once advised me Taco. It is low level lua code.
Can anyone advise me what the problem is, eventually. how to replace Lua
code in my function to make it work again? Macros worked at least 6
years and now crashes.

Here is my function:

function thirddata.handlecsv.texmacroisdefined(macroname) -- check
whether macroname macro is defined  in ConTeXt
-- function is used to test whether the user has defined the macro
\macroname. If not, it needs to define any default value
     if token.csname_name(token.create(macroname)) == macroname then
         return true
         return false

Is there any alternative (ConTeXt like), which is should be possible use
in Lua code?



function interfaces.defined(name)
    return token.get_cmdname(token.create(name)) ~= "undefined_cs"

if interfaces.defined("foo") then




I'll add interfaces.defined to the core.

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