Previously I could do the following

% metafont code

This is called by context --run --once etc. producing the figure and in this 
case modifying the font to a smaller size. Note, the context call occurs on the 
fly inside a \directlua{{os.execute(..)}. You may find this complicated, but it 
works for me and I would rather like not having to change may things all over 
the place.

Now I learn from the ConTeXtgarden that startMPenvironment is deprecated and 
that I should use defineMPinstance and setupMPinstance instead.
Thus I tried

\startsetups mp:smallfont
\startMPpage  and also \startMPpage[mp:local]
% metafont code

But nothing happens. How do I get the effect earlier obtained with 
startMPenvironment without having to rely an a deprecated macro?

Hans van der Meer

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