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On 4/3/2016 4:07 PM, Meer, Hans van der wrote:
Previously I could do the following

% metafont code

This is called by context --run --once etc. producing the figure and in this 
case modifying the font to a smaller size. Note, the context call occurs on the 
fly inside a \directlua{{os.execute(..)}. You may find this complicated, but it 
works for me and I would rather like not having to change may things all over 
the place.

Now I learn from the ConTeXtgarden that startMPenvironment is deprecated and 
that I should use defineMPinstance and setupMPinstance instead.
Thus I tried

\startsetups mp:smallfont
\startMPpage  and also \startMPpage[mp:local]
% metafont code

But nothing happens. How do I get the effect earlier obtained with 
startMPenvironment without having to rely an a deprecated macro?

the bodyfont environment was needed because we had to communicate to the 
external mp run what the intended settings were
in mkiv the run is internal so the mp text generator adapts to the current 
settings and there is no need to pass anything

Indeed, I can see the effect of mp functioning inside mkiv. But there is still 
something I do not understand.

I get small italic text doing this:


But italic only doing:


How is that possible?

Hans van der Meer

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