On 4/7/2016 11:20 AM, dr. Hans van der Meer wrote:
I do not understand the info in the ConTeXt wiki on setupMPinstance.

The syntax is specified as \setupMPinstance[...][...,...=...,...0
[...] name
format metafun mpost

I read this as:
in the first argument one can specify a name presumably a name specified on 
in the second argument [format=metafun] specifies the format.
But then the example under Usage gives:
Why metafun in the first instead of the second argument as implied in the 
syntax description?
I get confused here.

Also in the description \startMPextensions and \startMPinitializations are 
mentioned, but their descriptions are missing from the list given in the page 
MetaPost in ConTeXt. How are these described and what is the specific purpose 
of \startMPextensions compared to \startMPinitializations? What is the 
recommended use for them?

you can look in m-graph.mkiv for an example of using instances

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