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Thanks for helping me. It was perfekt. 




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 <mailto:ursula.herm...@univie.ac.at> Ursula Hermann

24. Juni 2016 um 15:53

Hello evrybody!


I need in a Toc pagenumberings with romannumrals and numbers. 


I have written this one: 




\setupinteraction[state=start] % don't forget this line!

% make chapter, section bookmarks visible when opening document





\setuplist[subsection][width=1.5em, margin=0.6em]




None of the above setups are needed for a minimal example, remove them next 


You’re looking for the \setupuserpagenumber command (but \setuppagenumber would
also work because it’s a synonym for the command) and you have to use the 
key to change the conversion.



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