Hello Wolfgang!


Thank you. Now it works perfect. Sorry for the long example. 




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 <mailto:ursula.herm...@univie.ac.at> Ursula Hermann

15. Juli 2016 um 19:33

Hello Wolfgang! 

Yes, I want it both title in header and in the TOC! 

Ursula Hermann 


The two settings above can be removed because they aren’t necessary for the 

 [title={Ursula Hermann\indenting[yes, next]           Danksagung}] 

The \crlf command insert a line break in the ToC and the heading

    \startchapter[title={Ursula Hermann\crlf Danksagung}]

and the \\ command inserts a space in the ToC and a line break in the heading

    \startchapter[title={Ursula Hermann\\Danksagung}]


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