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For Math.
The \tf and \bf commands in math aren’t font switches like in text.

Most math fonts come only with a regular style which provides upright,
italic, bold and bolditalic symbols but all of them part of the same
font, only a few fonts provide also a bold style (which is usefull in
sections) which comes also with upright – and sometimes bold – symbols.



    {\tf xyz} \; xyz \; {\bf xyz} \; {\bi xyz} \quad
\mb {\tf xyz} \; xyz \; {\bf xyz} \; {\bi xyz}


Depending on if the font project can arrange funding funding for it, the texgyre project will come up with a few bold math fonts (so bold + heavy) and sans math for titling etc. as well as a monospace math font (dejavu based) for editing and documentation.


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