The example below compiles with latest ConTeXt, suggesting that the Unicode 
quadruple symbol ⨌ has not been registered as a math symbol, as the command it 
is set to is ignored.


\setupmathematics[integral=nolimits, lcgreek=normal, default=normal]

  \letcharcode `∫ \int
  \letcharcode `∬ \iint
  \letcharcode `∭ \iiint
  \letcharcode `⨌ \undefined
\to \everymathematics


  ⨌_𝐴 𝑓(𝑥)\, d𝑥 = ∫_𝐵 ∭_𝐶 𝑓(𝑡, 𝒙)\, d𝑡 d𝒙


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