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> I am trying to create a pdf which contains some graphics that I created. I 
> want to pass my PDF digitally but I don't want users to be able to 
> right-click on a gfx and save it. I think this is called "flattening".

No. Flattening PDFs means to "burn in" comments and the contents of form fields 
from editable to page content.

> Is there a way in CTX to create such a file or do I have to recompile the PDF 
> with 3rd party software?

The only way to "protect" contents from editing are the password settings. 
There are free tools to set them, but AFAIK no open source tools except maybe 
There’s also pdfcrack to find out passwords.

> Is there maybe even a way to flatten only specific objects like, only one 
> picture of many or all, and leave form fields unflattened?

Not at all.

Greetlings, Hraban
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