Meer, Hans van der <>
10. Oktober 2016 um 09:41
Here is the example. \setupcaptions has no effect, however \setupfloatcaption does (assuming of course I didn't make a silly mistake ;-). Thus it is no problem to get the effect desired, but possibly \setupcaptions should be deprecated, or perhaps reimplemented to calling \setupfloatcaption. I could have missed the change, but I guess a lot of other people might have missed it too. In that case we could spare them the trouble of finding out what happened.
prefixconnector is the separator between the section number (=prefix) and the float number (=figure number), the symbol at the end of the float number is called numberstopper. In your example you don’t have a section which can act as prefix number no did you change which prefixes should be shown (by default only chapters are used as prefix).

The suffix key you use (together with suffixconnector and suffixstopper) is used to show the number for subfigures, e.g. figure 3.a.

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