Thomas A. Schmitz <>
10. Oktober 2016 um 12:13

I have a wish list for independent frames and would like to know if this is possible in ConTeXt:

1. left and right pages in a doublesided document have frames with independent text flow, i.e. the text from p. 2 continues on p. 4, from p. 3 on p. 5, etc. The frames are regular frames and can have backgrounds, borders, etc.

2. After a couple of pages, these frames end. Below them, the text flows normally, i.e. begins below frame on p. 6 and continues below frame on p. 7.

3. Since I want to take my data from xml, the content of the frames will be taken from buffers.

So this would give, in pseudo-code:




Here, the normal text begins, it will flow below the frames...


Is this possible? How would I code that?
Are you looking for streams, the mechanism Hans added for you years ago?

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