attached you find an update of the Vim scripts for ConTeXt.
A few highlights:

- jump commands ([[, ]], [{, ]}, ...);

- jump to file included with \project, \component, etc... by typing
 gf when the cursor is above the filename;

- tp (TeX paragraph) text object (e.g., use gqap to reflow a paragraph);

- i$ and a$ text objects;

- better integration with MetaPost (indentation and autocompletion
 inside \startMP...\stopMP... works automatically);

- syntax highglighting can be enabled for any nested filetype (MetaPost
 and Lua are enabled by default);

- compiler plugin, supporting mtxrun and Makefiles;

- Asynchronous typesetting with :ConTeXt command.

I plan to submit these changes for inclusion in Vim, but I'd like to
get some feedback, especially re background typesetting and especially
from Windows users.

I recommend to test with Vim 8.0 patch 22 or later.


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