Some of you will know already that the module author section of 


is functional again, as presented at the ConTeXt meeting last month. 

However, nobody can log in, because module authors now have a password 
(no more automatic wiki-connect). For new module authors, the registration
process will handle the setup of password and such, but legacy authors 
need manual intervention.
So, if you are the current maintainer of a module on modules.cg.net,
please drop me an email message so I can hand you a temporary password for 
logging on (the old wiki-connect code did not store e-mail addresses
either, making it hard to reach everyone except via this list).

It would be good if the current authors could update their module
metadata(s), because the new code has support for a “works with mkii/mkiv” 
flag as well as some other new fields. Also, I welcome comments and
feature requests, now that the website code is in a language I can 
easily program in.

Once most of the modules have been updated to reflect their mkii/mkiv 
state, I can start designing a search/filter interface to improve the
front-end of the site.

Best wishes,

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