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No, everything just works(tm) :)

Ehm, nearly. There was an error in setting the compiler. Please use
the files attached below.

You should be able to typeset the current document synchronously with


or asynchronously with:


This latter command also accepts an optional path, in case you want
to typeset a document different from the current buffer.

In either case, 'mtxrun' must be in your $PATH. If necessary, you may
set the path explicitly with

 let g:context_mtxrun = '/path/to/mtxrun'

Something like

let g:context_mtxrun = '$PATH=$HOME/context-beta/tex/texmf-osx-64/bin:$PATH mtxrun'

should also work.

Finally, you may check the status of the background jobs with


and possibly kill all running jobs with



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