I did not succeed in on-the-fly loading data from an xml-buffer and 
subsequently executing its content.
The accompanying minimal example of a <document> shows what I strive to 
The node <buffer> contains the buffered data (abc meant to be set in bold) and 
node <getbuffer> executing the typesetting. As can be seen the output the 
<b>xyz</b> outside <buffer> is correctly set in bold, but the contents of 
<buffer> is not processed: the xml is just reproduced. Obviously there is some 
misunderstanding on my part.
I would like to be pointed in the right direction.

Hans van der Meer

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<buffer name="name">
<!-- other stuff in real application -->
<getbuffer name="name"/>


\startxmlsetups xml:demo:base

\startxmlsetups xml:demo:buffer
        ... enter <buffer> for "\xmlatt{#1}{name}"\crlf

\startxmlsetups xml:demo:getbuffer
        ... enter <getbuffer> for "\xmlatt{#1}{name}"\crlf

\startxmlsetups xml:demo:execbuffer
        ... enter <execbuffer>\crlf

\startxmlsetups xml:demo:b

\startxmlsetups xml:demo:document
\writestatus{TEST}{start document}
        start document "\xmldocument"\blank
        stop document "\xmldocument"\blank
\writestatus{TEST}{stop document}

        \textrule{Demo of buffer: demo.xml}

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