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> Dear list, (especially Luigi)
> for online publication I need to create a PDF/A compliant output file.  Does 
> anyone have any experience with it and can tell me whether my setup will 
> work?  So far I'm using
> \setupbackend
>   [
>     format={pdf/a-2a},
>     profile={default_cmyk.icc,default_rgb.icc,default_gray.icc},
>   ]
> \setupstructure[state=start,method=auto]
> I chose PDF/A-2a because there I can have PDF 1.7 which keeps the file size 
> down but I can also switch to PDF/A-1a.  I have *no* external pixel graphics, 
> just included PDFs which are also produced by ConTeXt with the same setup.
> Online I found Luigi's paper on PDF/A-1a [1].  However, even after reading 
> I'm unsure whether `intent` is optional or required.
> Since I don't own Adobe Acrobat (nor am I using Windows) I cannot verify the 
> resulting output.  Does anyone know any working free or open-source tools for 
> GNU/Linux to do this task?
Have a look at
and test the file below  with
$> verapdf -v -x   -f 1a test.pdf
It should be ok

The icc files default_cmyk.icc  default_gray.icc  default_rgb.icc are
from ghostscript, put them in the same directory of the test.

   keyword={{KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2}, KEYWORD3}]

%% For PDF/A
format={pdf/a-1a:2005}, % or pdf/a-1a:2005
intent=ISO coated v2 300\letterpercent\space (ECI)]

%% Tagged PDF
%% method=auto ==> default tags by Adobe

\input knuth
\input tufte

\input knuth

  {This is an image}

\input tufte



I'm in a middle of something else now, I will look into it next days,
but you can play a bit and report problems.
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