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Before we started with context we uses ascii based markup (i still
have printouts of the code used for pagination, figure placement, tocs
around somewhere) ...

That’s very interesting…

but as the input becomes more complex it makes no sense any more to
use such formats and tex (or nowadays xml) starts looking clean and
simple in comparison

Hmmm…do you use XML as *source* authoring format? I did try to play with
some XML editors in the past and a bit with XSL stylesheets, but never
found it as pleasnt experience, so I’m really curios to know more about
your XML format usage?

We are involved in e.g. typesetting math schoolboooks and for some authors just edit the xml in an 'ascii' editor (scite) .. all a matter of keeping your source clean (clever xml editor environments sometimes mess up). As with tex documents one just hits a button to get a preview. (These projects need pdf and html, all kind of products from one source or collection of sources).


\startglossary[reference=terms,title={List of Terms}]

is not that more coding. Anyway, using some asciidoc (should be utfdoc
i guess) converted to some kind of xml is probably the easiest to deal

I must admit that in one sense ConTeXt (TeX) is a clear winner. After I
did two books using LyX/LaTeX I am simply spoiled with TeX’s typestting
quality and cannot easily settle for less. Moreover, ConTeXt is
certainly superior to LaTeX (despite of possible lack of more docs), so
on one hand I can imagine that producing one presentation every two week
would probably (hopefully) make me quite skillful in using ConTeXt (maybe
even MetaPost/MetFun), at least, presentation-wise[1]…iow. the more I’d use
ConText, the possibly initial (steeper) learning curve will pay off in
the long term.

just look at the presentation styles in the distribuition. Many of them you can just process to get an example

then start making your own ... such styles are rather simple and not much coding in the document source is needed .. just develop your own look and feel after a while

(i'll clean up all these styles some day and i have a bunch on my machine used for recent presentations that can become modules too)

Let me say that few days ago I stumbled upon interesting thread
(http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/auctex/2016-09/msg00001.html) on the
AUCTeX mailing list disccussing about possibility to improve general
user experince when writing ConTeXt using that Emacs package…Here is one
message which can be interesting not only for Hans:



[1]  Btw, are special presentation effects (animation, transitions etc.)
available for non-Acrobat-reader PDF viewers?

mupdf should be able to do some of that but i never tested it


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