Pablo Rodriguez <>
17. Oktober 2016 um 20:07
Dear list,

from the previous message from Csikos, I have generated the following

\setupbodyfontenvironment[default][a=5, x=8, xx=6]
Default {\tfa Larger} {\tfx Smaller1} {\tfxx Smaller1} \\
Default \tfa Larger \tfx Smaller2 \tfxx Smaller2

I can set a different value for a, but not for x or xx. The values for x
and xx seem to be hardcoded.

If this isn’t a bug, what am I missing here?
The default sizes (12pt, 11pt etc.) have fixed values for x and xx, you can see them in font-pre.mkiv:

  [        \s!text=\!!twelvepoint,

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