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Hi Michael,

Maybe what Wolfgang meant by « putting the marks by hand » is something like: 
you define \StartCitation and \StopCitation in the following way:

% begin quotation-note.tex


\input tufte
 \input knuth
\StopCitation{This is a Quote of Donald Knuth}
% end quotation-note.tex

Indeed instead of the quotation marks « and » you can put whatever you wish.
If you have quotations without footnotes, then you may define another 

Here would be my suggestion, which gives a syntax that is a bit more ConTeXt-like, I feel (but the coding can probably be improved):


  {\blank [line]
    \def\stopQuote{\footnote{\QQnote}\stopnarrower\blank [line]}%
    \def\stopQuote{\stopnarrower\blank [line]}
  \setupnarrower [left=1cm,right=2cm]


\input zapf

\input tufte

\input knuth


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