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some time ago I asked about the interplay of mathmatix with grid typesetting:

I noticed that when the grid is enabled, the height of a mathmatrix is rounded 
down which leaves less space above than below.  In my opinion either the height 
should be rounded up or the depth rounded down here.  In the original thread 
Wolfgang proposed using \setupformula[grid=tolerant] and adding a blank line 
before the formula (otherwise grid=tolerant is applied to the paragraph 
before).  This workaround leads to the depth being rounded down in the example 
below which produces a more balanced output.  Could this somehow be made the 
default behaviour or something?  Currently it requires the user to notice that 
vertical spacing is off and correct it manually, including adding a blank line 
before the formula to prevent grid=tolerant being applied to the paragraph.

Cheers, Henri




\input knuth
  \vrule % make lineheight and depth visible
    \NC A \NR
    \NC B \NR
    \NC C \NR
\input tufte

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