On 11/22/2016 02:18 PM, Henri Menke wrote:
> Dear list,
> some time ago I asked about the interplay of mathmatix with grid typesetting: 
> https://mailman.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2016/087018.html
> I noticed that when the grid is enabled, the height of a mathmatrix is 
> rounded down which leaves less space above than below.  In my opinion either 
> the height should be rounded up or the depth rounded down here.  In the 
> original thread Wolfgang proposed using \setupformula[grid=tolerant] and 
> adding a blank line before the formula (otherwise grid=tolerant is applied to 
> the paragraph before).  This workaround leads to the depth being rounded down 
> in the example below which produces a more balanced output.  Could this 
> somehow be made the default behaviour or something?  Currently it requires 
> the user to notice that vertical spacing is off and correct it manually, 
> including adding a blank line before the formula to prevent grid=tolerant 
> being applied to the paragraph.
> Cheers, Henri
> ---
> \setuplayout[grid=yes]
> \showgrid
> \starttext
> \input knuth
> \startformula
>   \vrule % make lineheight and depth visible
>   \startmathmatrix
>     \NC A \NR
>     \NC B \NR
>     \NC C \NR
>   \stopmathmatrix
> \stopformula
> \input tufte
> \stoptext

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