title says it all.

(ConTeXt 2016.12.28 17:55)

minimal example:
local bCI,eCI = context.startcolorintent, context.stopcolorintent

bCI({"overprint"})context("1.2345\\crlf")eCI() -- also no 'overprint'
for that text part in the PDF
bCI({"overprint"})context("First number is missing.\\crlf")eCI()


I also get an overflow exception with one of my tables, but I could
'fix' that with '\setupalign[nothyphenated]'. The table is complex (lua
generated), so no minimal example at hand. Anyhow, here the error
message (space-ali.mkiv).

tex error       > tex error on line 13283 in file
g:/mydocs/TeX/dokumente/test/lua/titanfall2/titanfall2-weapons.mkiv: !
Arithmetic overflow

\setraggedness ...hsize /\dimexpr #1\relax \relax
\spac_align_set_horizontal_center ...dness_middle
                                                  \raggedstatus \plustwo
\raggedcommand ...pac_align_set_horizontal_center
\next ...th \pack_framed_do_setups \raggedcommand
\tabl_ntb_cell_process_b_c ...raltablelocalframed
<inserted text> ...ass 1 34 \tabl_ntb_skip {6}\tabl_ntb_pass 1 40
l.249 ...x\vbox{\ctxlua{userdata.printweaponTABLE()}

Maybe related to the prior bug (also overprinting numbers in the TABLE),
will check again later.

Best wishes,  Peter

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