hi everybody,

after a 2 year hiatus I'm just giving `context' a second try (so, really not much experience so far).

I updated to the latest version (0.63) before proceeding.

two observations:

in a new document including assorted equations everything went fine until I tried something like

x = \left 1 + 2 \right

which caused an error:

 ! Undefined control sequence

\strc_synonyms_insert_meaning ...urrentsynonymtag
{#2}\fastsetup {\??simplel...
\math_left ...ame \??mathleft \meaning \nexttoken
\endcsname \expandafter \l...
l.472 x = \left (
                1 + 2 \right )

an old document (not modified these 2 years) does no longer compile due to apparently the same problem (not understanding `\left', `\right'.

question: my understanding is, that `context' supports "everything" out of the box (notably equations) and there is no need for explicit loading of additional packages? so `\left' etc. _should be defined (and it _used_ to work 2 years ago)? what am I missing?

thx, joerg

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