On 02/28/2017 02:23 PM, Geert Dobbels wrote:
> Hello,
> After several years away from Context, I would like to start using it 
> again and encounter the following problem:
> I am on a Fedora 25 system, 64bit machine and installed context from the 
> rpm repositories via dnf.  The repositories contain a Texlive 2016 version.
> I installed "texlive" and "texlive-context" from those repositories, and 
> context works out of the box.

Hi Geert,

I’m on Fedora 25, but my laptop is old (so, mine is a 32bit machine).

When I came back to ConTeXt, I installed it from TeX Live. But after
some use (and the kind advice from different people in this list), I
decided to install the ConTeXt Suite.

It is as simple as:

time (cd && mkdir temp-ctx-install && cd temp-ctx-install &&\
rsync -ptv rsync://contextgarden.net/minimals/setup/first-setup.sh . &&\
./first-setup.sh --modules=all && cd &&\
source temp-ctx-install/tex/setuptex && mtxrunjit --generate)

With a decent internet connection it only takes two minutes to download
(the command "time" is there to measure things ;-)).

Why do I write this? Because I had the same thoughts (“Installing a beta
version? Crazy!”). And now I don’t have any other TeX distribution
installed on my system ;-).

Since the installation is portable, you may install it besides your TeX
Live ConTeXt. Depending on your free space available, you may have
different betas in the same computer. After all, they aren’t installed
on the system.

All you have to do is to invoke (before running ConTeXt):

  source /directory-where-context-suite-is-placed/tex/setuptex

All paths will be loaded and everything will be fine.

Using the current beta, you have latest implementations available and
you avoid dealing with ancient bugs.

BTW, "mtxrun --generate" might help you with the issue you reported.
(Not tested, since I don’t want to install TeX Live :-).)

Just in case it helps,

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