Hi all,

since yesterday, the installation of the minimals on linux armhf doesn't work
anymore. On a fresh system, after "sh ./first-setup.sh" I get:

receiving incremental file list
bin/texlua -> luatex

sent 92 bytes  received 8,631,278 bytes  1,150,849.33 bytes/sec
total size is 8,628,902  speedup is 1.00
./bin/mtxrun:2763: attempt to index global 'fio' (a nil value)

When you want to use context, you need to initialize the tree by typing:

  . /usr/local/context/tex/setuptex

in your shell or add
to PATH variable if you want to set it permanently.
This can usually be done in .bashrc, .bash_profile
(or whatever file is used to initialize your shell).

I suspect, the new mtxrun binary doesn't match the rather old luatex (1.0.0)

Greetings Lutz

P.S. I could provide luatex and luajittext binaries for armhf (experimental or 
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