Hello, List.

I am using the MTPro2 complete fonts (provided by the publisher house) for
typesetting some math books in LaTeX this year. I also want to use ConTeXt
to typeset other math books, those that don't come originally in LaTeX.
However, the publisher requires that I use the MTPro2 fonts for math, and
I've tried using the clues presentend in https://mailman.ntg.nl/
pipermail/ntg-context/2013/075938.html to install, but with no avail. Fonts
were placed in "context/tex/texmf-local", preserving folder structure;
"mtxrun --generate && mtxrun --script fonts --reload" was called after.
When that didn't work, tried placing the type1 and tfm folders in my fonts
folder (that is called by OSFONTDIR), and again, reload the fonts, but they
just don't figure in the list provided by "mtxrun --script fonts --list
--all --name --pattern=*". I have not found a way of using this font in
ConTeXt, and I really need it (or will be just LaTeX for now).

Thanks in advance.

Andrés Conrado Montoya
Andi Kú
Los fines no justifican los medios, porque la medida verdadera de nuestro
carácter está dada por los medios que estamos dispuestos a utilizar, no por
los fines que proclamamos.

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