On 04/02/2017 12:37 AM, Alan Bowen wrote:
> Thanks, Pablo:
> I have revised the line in my bash profile to read
> export OSFONTDIR=/Users/bowen1/Library/Fonts/
> and the problem persists—assuming that I have the absolute path correct.

Sorry, add another slash to to the final slash and put inside quotes,
such as in:

    export OSFONTDIR="/Users/bowen1/Library/Fonts//"

> As for adding the path at the end of tex/setuptex,  I do not know how to
> do this. I see in setuptex.csh that this is a TODO.

Open tex/setuptext, go to the end of the file, hit Enter twice and copy
the line above.

Now it comes the unorthodox part: remove tex/texmf-cache/luatex-cache/.

Run "source tex/setuptex" and "mtxrunjit --generate".

After that, compuile the ConTeXt source file you want.

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