In the xml-mkiv.pdf manual is written on page 18:

> \xmlloadfile {...} {...} {...}
> loads the file FILE and registers it under NAME and applies either given or 
> standard XMLSETUP (alias: \xmlload)

However, \xmlloadfile gives an undefined macro TeX-error, allthough the given 
alias \xmlload is present (useed beta of 2017-04-16).

Shouldn't macro \xmlloadfile be added? Besides \xmlloadbuffer and \xmloaddata 
that would appeal to my preference for systematic naming.

By the way. In this document all descriptions "\macro{}{}{}" refer to arguments 
like FILE, NAME etc. but these are absent from the API as shown. I think 
presented as \xmlloadfile{NAME}{FILE}{XMLSETUP} for example, would be more 
informative (at least I guess I have the order right). Any way, I get confused 
with some of the other APIs and would be pleased if a newer version of the 
manual has them. 

Hans van der Meer

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