I have two questions with the vim module.

1. I want to use the math mode inside the code. I've seen the escape option, 
e.g. here [1], but this seems to work only with comments. Is there a 
possibility to use it directly in the code, too?

Minimal example:
\definevimtyping[python][syntax=python, escape=on]

# Returns \m{\sum_{i=1}^{n}i}
def sum_upto(\m{n \in \mathbb{N}})
    r = range(1, \m{n} + 1)
    return sum(r)

2. It would be cool, if I can define some background color for the code. 
Unfortunately I'm very new to context and haven't seen a direct option. I 
assume this is possible with some kind of extra environment around the code?

(I've subscribed the list, so you don't have to CC me.)

Thank you in advance,

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