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4. August 2017 um 06:36
Dear syndicate,

Not sure if there is a canonical way to do numbered paragraphs. In the
following, I use subsections to mimic numbered paragraphs:

\setuphead[section][style=\bfa,after={\blank[big]},before={\blank[big,medium]},color=walayahblue] \setuphead[subsection][style=\bf,after={\blank[big]},before={\blank[big,medium]},color=walayahgreen,alternative=text,distance=0.28em] \setuphead[subsubsection][style=\tf,after={\blank[big]},before={\blank[big,medium]},color=walayahred,alternative=text,distance=0.28em]

\startsection[title=Section 1]
\input ward

\startsubsection[title=Paragraph 2]
\input ward

\input ward

See attached output.

In paragraphs 1 and 2, there is too much distance between the subsection
number (subsection number + title in paragraph 2) and between the text.
The distance parameter is not appropriate here, it is the distance *after*
the section head that needs adjustment (even if the text portion of the
head (i.e., the section title) is empty).

Question 1: How do we fix the post-head distance?

Paragraph three shows that one apparently cannot mix this sectioning
approach with the \start-stopparagraph mechanism.

Question 2: Is there a way to mix \start-stopparagraph with the above
subsection approach to par numbering?

I suppose that as long as I maintain exactly one paragraph per subsection,
then structured output  (xml etc.) should look ok.

Question 3: Is there a wiser way to handle this kind of par numbering in






\input ward

\input ward

\input ward


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