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In addition to the two dropbox links above, see the following:


The dropbox links (from Introduction to Hegel by GRG Mure) illustrate a
combination of Wittgenstein numbering with paragraph indentation. So it is
something of a hybrid between sectioning and paragraph numbering.

NOTE: A full implementation of Wittgenstein numbering is not required, and
would probably not be wise except in the context of producing a ConTeXt
edition of the Tractatus (something of zero interest to this writer).
Indeed, Wittgenstein's numbering system is inconsistent or obscure in
places... What we are looking for is something actually sane-)
Hi Idris,

I forgot to comment. If you want to reproduce the layout of the
Wittgenstein edition, margin heads would be a better approach.

No, we want the numbering, but the layout we're trying to reproduce is that of Introduction to Hegel (see dropbox samples in earlier message)

But for that, we need first to present to Hans a unified proposal for
paralell streams.

Ah the streams thread.. need to revisit that for other purposes as well.

I meant its layout, not the “Tractatus” itself :-).

Indeed (I'm biting my tongue here -) )

Just in case it helps (the proposal ;-)),

Many thanks!

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