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> [...]
> Challenges:
> 1. How can we get automatic indentation for all heads *except* the first  
> one that occurs after the \starttitle?

Hi Idris,

this should be the default (it is actually \setupheads[indentnext=no]).

I think there is a bug here, because \setuphead[alternative=margintext]
prevents "indentnext=no" from working.

You might use "insidesection=\noindenting", but this only works if you
don’t use \starpar...\stoppar. And this is only a workaround.

> 2. Look at the output of the adjusted version above - attached. Note that  
> a subsubsection after a section gives
> 1.1
> 2.1
> which are the same as those given by a subsection after a section. How can  
> we get a subsubsection after a section to produce the following?
> 1.0.1
> 2.0.1

Again, I would say this is a bug in numbering:

    %~ \subsection{B}

I mean, in a common sectioning structure a \subsubsection comes after a
\subsection. But I don’t think it must be mandatory.

Sorry for not being of much help,

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