Hi Idriss, Pablo, Wolfgang and Hans,

It has been a long time since I have read the Wittgenstein "Tractacus-Logico-Philosophicus". I remember, when I was 20, that I was very puzzled by this assertion : "Wovon man nicht klar sagen, muss man schweigen".

I guess Wittgenstein didn't think about coding numbered paragraphs !


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Hi Wolfgang,

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Hi Hans,


For the current writing project: It seems I've gotten about as far as
I'm going to get on the list with this. Could you kindly take a look
at the two automation challenges at the end of the message when you
get a chance?

Eventually we want to also get, e.g.


etc. but the full decimal version is a start. Here is a link to the
book that illustrates the layout:


Thanks in advance for your help.



\defineseparatorset [ParagraphNumber][.,]







\ParagraphNumber\input ward

\subsubParagraphNumber\input ward

\subParagraphNumber\input ward

\subsubParagraphNumber\input ward

\subsubParagraphNumber\input ward

\subParagraphNumber\input ward

\subsubParagraphNumber\input ward

\ParagraphNumber\input ward


Many thanks, Wolfgang, you are a true wizard. Wittgenstein and Mure would be proud.

With much appreciation

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