Dear list,

Because I don't like that Euler calligraphic script provided by Latin Modern 
Math, I want to revert
to Computer Modern for the uppercase calligraphic letters.  I got so far, that 
the command will
produce the correct glyphs, however, the kerning is borken.  What did I miss?

Cheers, Henri


% Allocate tokens for legacy math codes
\Umathcode`A="7"1"41 \Umathcode`B="7"1"42 \Umathcode`C="7"1"43
\Umathcode`D="7"1"44 \Umathcode`E="7"1"45 \Umathcode`F="7"1"46
\Umathcode`G="7"1"47 \Umathcode`H="7"1"48 \Umathcode`I="7"1"49
\Umathcode`J="7"1"4A \Umathcode`K="7"1"4B \Umathcode`L="7"1"4C
\Umathcode`M="7"1"4D \Umathcode`N="7"1"4E \Umathcode`O="7"1"4F
\Umathcode`P="7"1"50 \Umathcode`Q="7"1"51 \Umathcode`R="7"1"52
\Umathcode`S="7"1"53 \Umathcode`T="7"1"54 \Umathcode`U="7"1"55
\Umathcode`V="7"1"56 \Umathcode`W="7"1"57 \Umathcode`X="7"1"58
\Umathcode`Y="7"1"59 \Umathcode`Z="7"1"5A

% Load CM calligraphic
\font\tensy  =cmsy10 at \mathstyleface\textstyle
\font\sevensy=cmsy7  at \mathstyleface\scriptstyle
\font\fivesy =cmsy5  at \mathstyleface\scriptscriptstyle

% Allocate family

% Assign font families
\textfont        \cmcalfam=\tensy
\scriptfont      \cmcalfam=\sevensy

% Make a macro wrapper





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