On 08/09/2017 11:31 PM, Mathias Schickel wrote:
> Hi Pablo,
> thank you a lot! This was really helpful. Maybe the garden page should
> be altered then. If you have a look at
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Command/setupcombinations
> you get the impression that „after“ is the key I was looking for because
> the page says:
>   * Suppressing both the horizontal and vertical gap between cells:
> \setupcombinations[distance=0mm,after=]
>   * a 10mm horizontal and vertical gap between cells:
> \setupcombinations[distance=10mm,after={\blank[10mm]}]
Please, update the wiki, but first consider this:

\setupexternalfigures[location={local, default}]
     inbetween={\blackrule[width=.5\textwidth, color=red, height=1em]},
     after={\blackrule[width=.5\textwidth, color=green, height=5em]}]
    [here]                                       % figure placement
    [fig:combinations]                           % figure reference
    {An example of combination.} % figure caption
    {\startcombination[3*2]      % contents of the figure: a combination
        % first row
        {\externalfigure[cow][height=1cm]}{a}   % subfigure and subcaption
        % second row

Probably adding a sample similar to this makes sense.

Just in case it helps,

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