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2) Apple Inc. is not a name so you should not be using author:
organization is more appropriate.

I do not think that this should be the case.

APA and Chicago/Turbanian (and doubtless others) accept association names as author names, and provide rules for handling them.

and as a consequence i bet this is why journals get typeset partly by hand (tweak and cheat on these things) ... and why each publisher then has its own style (with cheats and tricks)

The lack of either an author or an editor is currently flagged in ConTeXt as an error for books and perhaps other bibtex entry types as well. Or do you mean to apply this recommendation to only the electronic type or some other limited subset of types?

Perhaps it is better to use the association name as an author and protect it with a layer of curlies or quotation marks, as {{Apple, Inc.}}, "{Apple, Inc.}", or '{Apple, Inc.}', any one of which will do

one can do that of course (an dit will work) but then someone will come along and say that ...

our recomendation is that one spends some time on a proper database as it pays off

the job and also serve to prevent what would surely be unwanted abbreviation for styles that abbreviate what are parsed as given names.
we really try to get away from fuzzyness ... in fact, the bib format or at least the way it's often used is a structural coding nightmare (and often tex commands are then used to bypass things) .. i think that it never went through a proper 'design, test, review, revise' cycle

reverse engineering what is there + side effects took us quite a while and esp the author bit is a pain (this parsing) ... there have been proposals for alternatives in the past decades (take mlbibtex) but so far we're stuck with historic stuff: making a database in a format that is not that suitable (no nesting) using practices that are counter intuitive and demand lots of obscure magic

(one day Alan will wrap this up in an article)


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